Manufacturing the ISMRM/NIST-MRI Phantom

Developing a low cost ISMRM/NIST-MRI phantom was a 3.5 year project. The frame is made of PolyPhenylene Sulfide (PPS). It is a rigid plastic with a minimum long term distortion and it has very low water absorption. The fiducial and contrast spheres are made of clear PCV. The tank is made of high impact polycarbonate. The goals of the 3.5 year project were to develop a manufacturing that would produce a MRI phantom with a price point under $5000. All of the components are injection molded, CNC finished and measured using Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMMs). OmniPhantom is also developing an open source CAD software system called MRIcad that allows for easier calibration. If you have any questions, please email me at dkirven@sigma-k.com. Thank you,


Doug Kirven Ph.D.

Chief Scientist.